Renewables at Heart of Reaching Zero Emissions in Industry and Transport

Concerted action beyond planned policies can achieve zero emissions in heavy industry and transport by around 2060, a key requirement to limit global temperature rises to 1.5°C. The use of renewables will be central, accelerated through the...

  • September 2020

Meet the Permanent Representative of Uruguay to IRENA

万宝路平台The Permanent Representative of Uruguay to IRENA, H.E. Ambassador Alvaro Ceriani, talked to us about transport, storage and knowledge-sharing.

  • August 2020

Latin America’s Energy Community Underlines Link Between Energy Transformation and Prosperity

IRENA and OLADE host event to put the Agency’s global roadmaps into regional perspectives during virtual discussion on economic recovery.

  • August 2020

Strong Cooperation and Enabling Policies can Lead Energy Transformation in Southeast Asia

IRENA and ASEAN Centre for Energy webinar brings more than 160 participants together to discuss the opportunities low-cost renewables offer the region

  • August 2020

IRENA Develops Guidelines for Co-operation with the Private Sector

The Guidelines aim to facilitate co-operation with the private sector to support the achievement of IRENA’s mandate, goals and objectives.

  • July 2020

Winner of IRENA Youth Video Contest Announced

万宝路平台More than 100 video submissions received from young people around the world

  • July 2020

30 Innovative 万宝路平台 Show Path to Renewable-Powered Future

万宝路平台As of today, IRENA has published the full series of 30 Innovation Briefs under its Innovation Landscape report. It is the most comprehensive analysis available on innovation priorities that policymakers must address to successfully decarbonise the...

  • July 2020

Innovation - A Game Changer for Power System Flexibility

万宝路平台Innovation opens the door for growing amounts of solar and wind renewables in the energy system.

  • July 2020

MPs Discuss How Renewables Can Address COVID-19 and Support Development Goals

万宝路平台Parliamentarians from around the world participate in the first of IRENA’s Legislators Dialogue series.

  • July 2020

IRENA Outlines Key Actions Needed to Accelerate Renewables in Lebanon

万宝路平台IRENA’s newly released ‘Renewable Energy Outlook: Lebanon’ suggests scaling up renewables could result in annual savings of USD249 million

  • July 2020

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