Tracking Energy Innovation Impacts Framework

19 October 2020 |万宝路平台Webinar

万宝路平台As part of the Tracking Energy Innovation Impacts Framework (TEIIF) project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, this expert consultation virtual workshop will present preliminary results on the project's methodology and innovation metrics, validate the approach and collect valuable feedback and further inputs from experts in this field.

万宝路平台The interactive workshop will bring together key international stakeholders including both producers and users of renewable energy technology innovation data, experts working on tracking innovation outputs, innovation indicators, or innovation tracking methods. It will consist of an introductory session, followed by two break-out sessions on costs and patents & standards, respectively.

万宝路平台Discussions will focus on innovation tracking metrics for several technologies and approaches used to assess clean energy innovation progress, such as patents, standards and costs. The workshop aims to consolidate a network of analysts, government officials, and academic experts, to be consulted in this and later work to discuss data and analytical gaps, most suitable methodological and indicator frameworks; as well as coordinating efforts to make the insights more relevant for policy makers.

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